Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

English: Narrative Text (Myteries)

Once upon a time in the city of New York, a small American boy, age 12 and a half, was reading a fairy tale about an ancient harp in a haunted forest. This harp was guarded by an ancient Indian girl, that had died 350 years ago. This harp was on the far side of a creek. This creek looked shallow but it's shallowest part was 18 feet deep. It also had something in it, some kind of monster, but it is to hideous to describe.
At this point Kevin put down the book and said "I must find the harp. I know it exists." 2 days later, Kevin set out with just enough food to last him 3 weeks. He was going to Pennsylvania to search for the harp. He searched two days for the forest. When he found it, a cold sweat came over him. When he stepped into the forest, the wind started to blow hard. He looked behind him and saw a strange glow. He started to walk toward it. When he got to the glow it turned into a ghost. It spoke, "Who dares pass the gates of devils forest?" "I Kevin Peir." "You shall die!" said the ghost.
Kevin quickly turned and ran, not looking behind him. He stopped and walked for about an hour. When he stopped walking his heart began to pound. He had found the harp! He thought to himself, " So it's true, It's really true. The harp exists." He started to swim toward the harp through the creek, when he saw bubbles moving toward him. Kevin just barely got across the creek. He got the harp turned toward the creek, took one step and...SPLASH!! The water's surface turned blood red.
Kevin never got across the creek with his life.

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